Ankle Strap Block Heels

Adley Washington
11 min readApr 9, 2024



Get ready to step up your fashion game with our roundup of the best Ankle Strap Block Heels. Whether you’re heading to the office or hitting the town, these shoes are the perfect blend of style and comfort. From sleek and classic designs to bold statement styles, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our curated selection and find the perfect pair to elevate your wardrobe.

The Top 5 Best Ankle Strap Block Heels

  1. Ankle Strap Block Heel Platform Sandal by Circus NY for Women — Embrace the circus in style with Circus NY’s Isadora Platform Dress Sandals sporting a delicate ankle strap, chunky platform, and a block heel — perfect for dressing up any outfit.
  2. Fashionable Wide Fit Mojito Block Heel Sandals — Public Desire’s Wide Fit Mojito Tie-Up Block Heel Sandals in a beige-neutral color offer a stylish, flattering, and comfortable design for women seeking chunky heel sandals.
  3. Stylish Silver Dress Sandals with Block Heel — Women’s Franco Sarto — Experience comfort and style in these chic Silver Franco Sarto Owen Heel Dress Sandals, perfect for weddings and more!
  4. Comfy Rubber Chunky Heel Sandals with Adjustable Strap — Step into comfort and style with Dream Pairs Women’s Heeled Chunky Sandals, featuring a buckle ankle closure, 3" heel height, and a latex padded insole for added comfort.
  5. Sophisticated Tan Suede Heeled Sandals with Adjustable Straps — Elevate your style with the Steve Madden Irenee Ankle Strap Suede Block Heel Dress Sandals, offering a classic, feminine look with 100% suede, adjustable ankle strap, and comfortable 1-inch block heel.

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Ankle Strap Block Heel Platform Sandal by Circus NY for Women

Ankle Strap Block Heel Platform Sandal by Circus NY for Women | Image

As someone who appreciates a touch of feminine flair in my footwear, I’ve found Circus NY by Sam Edelman Women’s Isadora Platform Dress Sandals to be a delightful addition to my wardrobe. The combination of a delicate crisscross strap and a chunky platform sandal is a stunning juxtaposition that adds a unique twist to any outfit.

Walking through the city streets in these sandals is effortless, thanks to the comfortable and secure buckle closure. The Isadora’s block heel provides the perfect height to accentuate my legs, while the platform gives me the added confidence to strut my stuff. Although some may find the platform a bit rigid, I’ve grown accustomed to it and appreciate its stability. Overall, the lightweight yet fashionable design of these sandals has definitely become a staple in my summer wardrobe.

Fashionable Wide Fit Mojito Block Heel Sandals

Fashionable Wide Fit Mojito Block Heel Sandals | Image

I recently tried these Public Desire Wide Fit Mojito Tie Up Block Heel Sandals in a neutral-beige color. On first glance, they seemed like just another pair of trendy sandals. However, once I put them on, my experience took a turn. The tie-leg design was both unique and functional, making it easy to slide my feet in while also giving them a secure fit.

The sandals featured a high flared heel, which I found quite stylish, but it was a bit of a mixed blessing. I loved the added height and the versatility it offered in terms of dressing up or down, but at the same time, it meant that these shoes weren’t super comfortable for extended wear.

One of the standout features of these sandals was the wide fit. As someone who often struggles to find comfortable footwear, I appreciated the spacious toe box and the overall comfort of the shoe. However, it was a bit perplexing that the heel and sole seemed to be made of significantly different materials — one was soft and comfortable, while the other was rigid and uncomfortable.

Despite the pros and cons, I would say that these sandals are a great addition to any wardrobe, especially for those who are fans of chunky heels. With some care, they can be a comfortable and stylish option for any occasion. Just remember to take those high heels with a grain of salt and plan accordingly!

Stylish Silver Dress Sandals with Block Heel — Women’s Franco Sarto

Stylish Silver Dress Sandals with Block Heel - Women's Franco Sarto | Image

The Franco Sarto heels have become a staple in my wardrobe. They’re the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. I’ve been so drawn to their sleek block heel and bold hardware detail, but I never thought they could be this comfortable. The square toe design adds a touch of modernity to the otherwise classic look.

One of the interesting features is the slingback hook-and-loop closure that makes them easy to put on and take off. I appreciate this, especially when I’m in a hurry. The heel stands at an impressive 3 inches, ensuring a noticeable boost in my confidence, while the synthetic leather upper adds a touch of luxury. Plus, being partially made from recycled materials is an added bonus, making me feel good about my purchase.

However, there are certain things that could still be improved. Despite the comfort the heels provide, due to their high-heeled nature, they’re not the best for a long walk. But for a night out or a special occasion, they’re definitely worth their weight in gold. Also, the size 5.5 fits true to size but could benefit from a wider range of sizes for a more inclusive fit.

So, if you’re looking for stylish, comfortable, and sustainable heels, the Franco Sarto heel dress sandals are definitely worth a try. They’re not just a beautiful addition to your summer party outfit, but also a practical option for any formal event or wedding. It’s clear that these heels are designed to make a statement and they definitely do so.

Comfy Rubber Chunky Heel Sandals with Adjustable Strap

Comfy Rubber Chunky Heel Sandals with Adjustable Strap | Image

These heeled sandals are the ultimate dream pair for women on the go. I recently had the chance to try them out, and they offered a perfect blend of comfort and style. The ankle buckle closure and three-inch heel height made for a secure fit while adding a touch of elegance to my outfit. The latex padded insole provided a cozy and cushioned feel, and the TPR rubber sole ensured a sturdy and long-lasting build.

Although the platform height was minimal, it didn’t seem to compromise the overall comfort of walking in them. The smooth vegan leather/suede design added to the sophistication, while the medium single toe strap and adjusted buckled ankle strap offered a customizable fit. The exposed sides of the sandals provided a stylish aesthetic, completing the look.

While I couldn’t find any negative aspects to mention, it’s essential to remember that every person’s experience with footwear can vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. Regardless, these dreamy heeled sandals certainly made my journey to work and back more comfortable and fashionable.

Sophisticated Tan Suede Heeled Sandals with Adjustable Straps

Sophisticated Tan Suede Heeled Sandals with Adjustable Straps | Image

Experience the classic elegance of Steve Madden’s Irenee Sandal. The suede upper paired with a leather lining provides a comfortable, breathable fit while the adjustable ankle strap ensures a snug yet secure hold.

This sandal is perfect for those seeking the perfect balance between style and comfort. The leather insole, combined with the low block heel, ensures an effortless stride that won’t compromise your feet’s well-being.

The man-made sole, with its 2.00-inch heel height, is versatile, providing just the right amount of lift for everyday wear. So, step into the world of Steve Madden’s Irenee Sandal and elevate your style quotient.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for ankle strap block heels, there are several features and considerations to think about before making your purchase. This buyer’s guide will provide you with essential information to help you find the perfect pair of shoes that will suit your needs and preferences.



One of the most important aspects to consider when buying ankle strap block heels is comfort. You’ll want to look for shoes with soft, padded footbeds and adequate arch support. This will help alleviate any discomfort or pain caused by extended wear. Additionally, the material of the shoe’s interior and exterior should be breathable and not cause sweating or other distress.


When investing in a pair of ankle strap block heels, it’s essential to look for quality materials and construction. Shoes made with genuine leather, for instance, are more durable and long-lasting than those made with synthetic materials. The stitching should also be strong, and the heel should be well-structured without any wobbling. A reliable reputation for the brand or manufacturer can also assure better quality.



The fit of your ankle strap block heels is crucial for both comfort and style. Ideally, the shoe should fit snugly around your ankle without being too tight or too loose. The length of the heel should be comfortable for walking and standing. Consider trying shoes on in person, or look for detailed sizing charts when purchasing online to ensure a proper fit.


Ankle strap block heels come in a variety of styles, from classic to trendy, and bold to subtle. Consider the type of event or outfit you will be wearing the shoes with, as well as your personal preferences. Look for shoes with a design that suits your style and complements the clothing and accessories you’ll be wearing. Additionally, ensure that the shoes match the color of your outfit for a cohesive look.



What are ankle strap block heels?

Ankle strap block heels are a type of footwear that features a block heel and a strap that goes around the ankle. These shoes provide both style and comfort, making them a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals who also prioritize comfort and practicality. The block heel adds height without sacrificing stability, while the ankle strap ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing the shoe from slipping off.

Ankle strap block heels come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors, allowing consumers to choose from an array of options based on their personal preferences and fashion sense. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions and events. Overall, ankle strap block heels are a stylish, comfortable, and practical choice for footwear enthusiasts.


How do I care for my ankle strap block heels?

To ensure your ankle strap block heels maintain their quality and longevity, it is essential to take proper care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for your ankle strap block heels:

  1. Clean the shoes regularly with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris. 2. Use a shoe polish or cream to maintain the shoe’s color and sheen. 3. Store the shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage. 4. Avoid exposing the shoes to water or wet conditions, as this can cause the materials to deteriorate.
  2. Use a shoe tree or stuff the shoes with tissue paper to help maintain their shape when not in use. 6. Inspect the shoes regularly for any signs of wear or tear, and address them promptly to prevent further damage. By following these tips, you can keep your ankle strap block heels in excellent condition and enjoy wearing them for years to come.

Are ankle strap block heels comfortable to wear?

Yes, ankle strap block heels can be comfortable to wear, thanks to their design features. The block heel provides additional support and stability compared to slim stiletto heels, reducing the risk of ankle strain and discomfort. Additionally, the ankle strap ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing the shoe from slipping off or causing blisters. However, the level of comfort also depends on the quality of materials used and how well the shoes are designed for a comfortable fit. It’s essential to choose a reputable brand and try on the shoes before purchasing to ensure the best fit and comfort for your feet.

To maximize the comfort of your ankle strap block heels, consider wearing them with cushioned socks or insoles, and break them in gradually by wearing them for shorter periods of time before transitioning to longer hours of wear. Proper care and maintenance of your shoes can also contribute to their overall comfort and longevity.


Do ankle strap block heels come in various styles?

Yes, ankle strap block heels are available in a wide range of styles to cater to different fashion preferences and occasions. Some popular styles include:

  1. Classic block heels with a simple ankle strap, which exudes a timeless and sophisticated look. 2. Patterned or embellished ankle straps, which add a touch of drama and visual interest to the design. 3. Block heels with platform soles, providing extra height and stability. 4. Block heels with an open-toe design, perfect for warmer weather and a more casual look.
  2. Ankle strap block heels in different materials such as leather, suede, and patent, offering various textures and appearances. 6. Ankle strap block heels with a peep-toe design, allowing for some toe exposure while still providing coverage and support. There are countless choices to choose from, so you’re sure to find a style that suits your preferences and enhances your personal style.

What are the benefits of wearing ankle strap block heels?

Wearing ankle strap block heels can be beneficial for both fashion and functionality. Here are some advantages of choosing these shoes:

  1. Style: Ankle strap block heels are a stylish choice that can elevate any outfit, from casual to formal. The combination of a block heel and ankle strap adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. 2. Comfort: As mentioned earlier, block heels and ankle straps can provide increased comfort compared to slim stilettos, making them a practical option for everyday wear or long events.
  2. Versatility: Ankle strap block heels can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions, such as work, parties, or casual outings. This allows you to maximize their use and get the most out of your investment. 4. Support: The block heel and ankle strap combination may also offer increased support and stability, reducing the risk of ankle strain or discomfort during wear. 5. Durability: Block heels and ankle straps tend to be thicker and more robust than other heels, making them more durable and likely to last longer.

What material should I look for when buying ankle strap block heels?

When buying ankle strap block heels, consider the material you prefer based on factors such as comfort, durability, and care required. Common materials for ankle strap block heels include:

  1. Leather: This material is durable, attractive, and comfortable, but it may require more care and conditioning compared to other materials. 2. Suede: Suede is also comfortable and stylish but may be more delicate and require more careful cleaning and storage.
  2. Patent or PVC: These materials are often used for a sleek, shiny finish and may be more affordable than leather or suede options. However, they may not be as comfortable and may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. 4. Fabric: Some ankle strap block heels are made from fabric materials such as satin or velvet, which can be comfortable and stylish but may not be as durable or weather-resistant as leather or suede options. Consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget when choosing the material for your ankle strap block heels.

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