Foam Tapes

Adley Washington
15 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our comprehensive foam tape roundup! If you’re in the market for a powerful adhesive or insulating solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular foam tape options available, evaluate their features, and help you find the perfect choice for your needs. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all the amazing foam tape products out there!

The Top 11 Best Foam Tapes

  1. Hitlights Waterproof Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape for Car and Wall — HitLights Double Sided Tape: Strong, waterproof, and versatile — the ultimate mounting solution for cars, walls, and LED lights.
  2. 3M Urethane Foam Tape: 1 Inch x 5 Yards, Off-White — Strengthen your bonding game with 3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4032 — a durable and versatile solution for uneven surfaces, boasting a high-strength adhesive and a flexible foam carrier.
  3. Retro Art3d Nano Tape: Powerful, Removable, and Versatile Mounting Solution for Various Surfaces — Art3d’s reusable, removable, and no-trace foam tape offers strong adhesion for versatile applications without damaging attached objects.
  4. Heavy Duty Waterproof Foam Adhesive Tape for Indoor and Outdoor Use — The EMITEVER Double Sided Tape, a versatile heavy-duty foam tape, offers easy installation and removal, and is suitable for a wide variety of smooth and clean surfaces, making it a must-have for home and office decoration.
  5. 3M VHB Heavy Duty Foam Tape 2-Pack — Replace mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives with this 33ft double-sided tape, featuring heavy-duty 3M VHB, acrylic foam, and 100% closed-cell foam for long-lasting, waterproof, temperature-resistant bonding.
  6. Black Foam Tape for Weather Stripping and Appliance Cushioning — Experience effortless installation and robust performance with Frost King’s Foam Tape, perfect for sealing gaps and reducing noise in vehicles and appliances.
  7. 3M Scotch Ultra-Strong 414DC Black Foam Tape for Mounting — Experience a strong, conformable bond with 3M Scotch 414DC Black Foam Mounting Tape, perfect for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor hanging projects without leaving messy residue behind.
  8. Weather-Resistant Foam Tape for Eliminating Air Leaks — Seal and secure your doors and windows with M-D Building Products Foam Tape, featuring firm waterproof durability, easy self-adhesive installation, and protection against dust and weather.
  9. Double-Sided 0.10" Wide Sticky Foam Tape, 118" Long — Cut or tear this versatile 0.10" thick, 1.25" wide foam tape in endless lengths for unmatched adhesion for various hanging decorations.
  10. Duck Brand 1" x 60" Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape — No-Damage Hanging Solution: Duck Brand’s 1-inch x 60-inch Double-Sided Permanent Foam Mounting Tape offers superior grip and peel technology, ideal for name plates, office signs, and posters, without harming non-porous, clean surfaces.
  11. 3M Premium Double-Sided Foam Tape (5yd L, 2" W) — Versatile and durable 3M Double Sided Foam Tape offers superior gap filling capabilities and withstands extreme temperatures, making it the ideal choice for various industries.

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Hitlights Waterproof Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape for Car and Wall


Say goodbye to time-consuming and messy adhesive applications with HitLights’ Double Sided Tape. This heavy-duty, waterproof mounting foam tape offers a sturdy bond that mechanical fasteners just can’t match. Its gray-colored design adds a sleek finish to your projects, eliminating the need for unsightly screws and rivets.

Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, this tape is versatile enough for a wide range of applications, from electronics and construction to window and door assembly. And with its quick and easy application process, you’ll save time while achieving the same strong adhesive strength as liquid adhesives.

With a 16.4ft length and 0.94in width, you’ll have plenty of tape to tackle any project.

3M Urethane Foam Tape: 1 Inch x 5 Yards, Off-White


I recently got my hands on the 3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4032, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my DIY projects. This versatile adhesive is perfect for bonding together uneven or textured surfaces, making it ideal for all sorts of tasks.

One of the highlights of this foam tape is its durability. The strong acrylic adhesive is resistant to harsh chemicals and solvents, ensuring a reliable and permanent bond between materials. And with its ability to fill gaps, I’ve been able to achieve a seamless finish on projects that might have otherwise been tricky.

However, there’s one thing I should mention: while the adhesive is tough, it does require a bit of time to set. So, if you’re planning on using it to hold something together for the long haul, you might want to apply it a day or two in advance.

Overall, the 3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4032 has been a trusty companion in my various DIY escapades, and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be able to accomplish with it.

Retro Art3d Nano Tape: Powerful, Removable, and Versatile Mounting Solution for Various Surfaces

The Art3d Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty (10ft) Mounting Tape is a versatile and reusable adhesive that I’ve tried in my daily life. With a size of 1mm (Thickness) x 1.3cm (Width) x 3m (Length), it offers a strong adhesion of transparent nano magic tape, which is three times stronger than regular adhesive tape.

One of the highlights that impressed me was the user-friendly design. This heavy-duty Nano foam tape filament tape adopts the nano-micro-molecular technology, ensuring that it’s removable, residue-free, and reusable after washing, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

I found this product incredibly useful in various applications around my home, office, and even car, including picture hanging, wall panel installation, and appliance fixing. The gel-like thick tape ensures powerful adhesion almost on any surface while being damage-free compared to traditional fixing methods like screws or nails.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I experienced with the Art3d Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty (10ft) Mounting Tape. I discovered that it’s particularly challenging to remove the tape from some surfaces like textured ones in extreme weather, and it may leave a residue that could be tricky to clean up.

Additionally, a few users have reported that the adhesive isn’t as strong as suggested, and some have mentioned the tape coming loose relatively quickly. Despite these minor drawbacks, I believe the Art3d Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty (10ft) Mounting Tape is a valuable addition to any toolbox, offering a convenient and versatile solution for various mounting needs.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Foam Adhesive Tape for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The EMITEVER Double Sided Tape offers a convenient and efficient solution for mounting heavy objects indoors or outdoors. This versatile foam tape is made of 3M VHB adhesive, ensuring powerful bonds up to 6lb per inch. With superb elasticity and excellent water resistance, it is a perfect fit for kitchen or bathroom applications and stands up to high temperatures and heavy rain.

The tape comes in a small size but is widely applicable for various tasks like fixing carpets, mounting signs or wall hooks, attaching license plates, and more. Overall, this heavy-duty two-sided tape is a must-have for numerous household and professional uses.

3M VHB Heavy Duty Foam Tape 2-Pack

Experience the versatility of our double-sided tape, a heavy-duty adhesive solution made with 3M VHB. This 33ft by 0.4in mounting tape boasts an acrylic adhesive and foam core for exceptional conformability, adhesion, and shear strength. With its lightweight and easy-to-use design, it’s perfect for a range of tasks, from signs and wall hooks to carpets and door edges.

Our tape is waterproof and temperature resistant, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens or any outdoor location. With an excellent performance that can withstand heat up to 150°F and cold down to -40°F, rest assured that our heavy-duty tape will maintain its stickiness no matter the conditions.

Black Foam Tape for Weather Stripping and Appliance Cushioning

Recently, I needed to weatherproof my front door and decided to give the Frost King Sponge Rubber Foam Tape a try. It was a simple process: cut the tape to the desired width, peel the backing off, and stick it to the door frame. The tape is made to be self-adhesive, which made it a breeze to install.

One thing I particularly liked about the tape was its durability — it seemed to hold up well against a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, this product was easy to handle and didn’t leave any residue behind once it was ready to be removed.

However, one downside I found was that the tape started to lose its adhesion after a while, which was concerning, especially during colder months when the adhesive wasn’t functioning as well. Overall, it’s a quality product for the price, but it may require replacing more often than expected.

3M Scotch Ultra-Strong 414DC Black Foam Tape for Mounting

Imagine you’re hanging one of those heavy mirrors on your wall. I was in the same boat, looking for the perfect mounting tape that could do the job without damaging the wall. That’s when I stumbled upon 3M’s Scotch 414DC Black Foam Mounting Tape.

The first thing that caught my eye was its ease of use. I didn’t need any tools, and there was no mess, unlike using nails or screws. It was just so simple to peel and stick! The all-weather tape is highly conformable, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it can hold up to 30 lbs, which is more than enough for mounting smaller mirrors or other heavy items.

Unfortunately, it’s not all roses with this product. I did notice that sometimes the tape has a hard time sticking in the right places, especially on unfinished surfaces. I also noticed some residue left behind when I removed the tape, although it was pretty easy to clean up.

Overall, though, the pros outweigh the cons. This foam tape is a game-changer for all those heavy-duty hanging projects. Whether you use it inside or outside, it’s always ready to provide a strong, conformable bond without any hassle. And the best part? No more mess or tools, just a quick cleanup and your job is done!

Weather-Resistant Foam Tape for Eliminating Air Leaks

The M-D Building Products Foam Tape is a weather stripping solution designed to eliminate air and moisture leaks. This tape features a firm, waterproof, dustproof, and airtight closed-cell foam that provides minimal compression for a weathertight seal between surfaces. It’s easy to apply self-adhesively to seal top and sides of doors and windows. The high-density closed-cell PVC foam comes in a roll and has dimensions of 1/4-inch thick by 1/2-inch wide by 17 feet long.

This product is available in gray and is suitable for various applications, such as sealing gaps, filling in tight spaces, and improving insulation. Despite its easy installation and effectiveness in keeping out drafts and moisture, some users have reported issues with the tape not sticking well to certain surfaces. However, overall, the M-D Building Products Foam Tape is an affordable and effective solution for sealing doors and windows.

Double-Sided 0.10" Wide Sticky Foam Tape, 118" Long

I recently stumbled upon this amazing Wide Thick Double-Sided Sticky Foam Tape while working on a decor project for one of my friend’s parties. This stuff is seriously sticky, and it clings perfectly to any surface it comes in contact with. What’s even better is that it’s easy to cut with scissors, so you can customize the size to fit your needs. The thickness of the tape is perfect for providing enough support without being too bulky, and the double-sided adhesive makes it incredibly convenient to work with.

The product is incredibly versatile and can be used for countless decorative projects. Whether you’re hanging up photos or creating a stunning backdrop for a party, this foam tape has got you covered. Plus, the long length of the roll means that you’ll have plenty of tape to work with, making it perfect for multiple events or parties.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this sticky foam tape. Its quality surpassed my expectations, and it has definitely saved me a ton of time and effort on various projects. The only downside, as mentioned by some users, is that it may not hold up for extended periods of time, especially on delicate surfaces like walls. But for me, it has been a winner, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use adhesive for their decorative needs.

Duck Brand 1" x 60" Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape

Say goodbye to pesky wall marks and damages with Double Sided Permanent Foam Mounting Tape from Duck Brand. This versatile and moisture-resistant adhesive is just the ticket for mounting name plates, office signs, posters, and more. Boasting a 1-inch width, it’s perfect for clean and non-porous surfaces — just avoid wallpaper, wood, stucco, and plaster.

This easy-to-apply tape offers a damage-free alternative to nails, staples, and glues, making it an essential tool for hanging items without the fear of damaging your walls. The foam mounting tape can secure objects that weigh up to 2 lbs, ensuring a firm hold on both decorative and functional items.

With its dual-sided application, this tape can be used on small items, providing optimal tack, peel, and holding power. Just stick one end to the wall and the other to your desired object, and let the tape work its magic. Please be advised that this product is only suitable for indoor use, so don’t take it outside!

With its strong and dependable hold, this foam tape is an excellent choice for your mounting needs. It’s available in a single roll format and suits a variety of mounting applications. Although it’s not designed for use on paper or wooden surfaces, you can rely on it for a secure hold on drywall and plaster.

Experience the ease and performance of this double-sided mounting tape firsthand, and join the 5-star review club who give it an average rating of 4.6. Say goodbye to fiddly wall damage, and say hello to the double-sided foam tape that makes it all so much easier.

Disclaimer: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when applying or using this product.

3M Premium Double-Sided Foam Tape (5yd L, 2" W)

This versatile double-sided foam tape from 3M is perfect for a wide range of applications. Designed for use in industries like assembly and manufacturing, construction, general maintenance and repair, and metalworking, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

The foam tape has a tensile strength of 160 lb/in and can withstand temperatures ranging from 50°F to 220°F, making it highly resistant to chemical, heat, solvent, and UV damage. RoHS 2011/65/EU and TSCA compliant, this tape is eco-friendly and ideal for projects that require a strong adhesive with high-temperature heat resistance.

Its conformable nature makes it ideal for filling gaps, as well as bonding uneven, mismatched, textured, and rough surfaces seamlessly.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our Foam Tape Buyer’s Guide! In this section, we’ll discuss the main features and considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right foam tape for your needs. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect foam tape for your project.

Types of Foam Tape and Their Uses

There are several types of foam tape available on the market, each designed for different applications. Here are the most common categories of foam tape and their main uses:

  1. Window and door sealing foam tape, suitable for sealing gaps and ensuring airtight seals. 2. Surface protection foam tape, used to protect surfaces from scratches and scuffs during transportation or installation. 3. Automotive foam tape, designed to seal gaps and provide a sound barrier in vehicles. 4. Craft foam tape, intended for arts and crafts projects to hold paper, fabric, or other materials in place.

Adhesive Strength

Foam tapes can vary in adhesive strength, depending on their intended use. If you need a foam tape to withstand heavy-duty applications, such as sealing gaps in a commercial building, you’ll want to look for a product with a strong adhesive. For lighter-duty tasks like arts and crafts projects or surface protection, a weaker adhesive will suffice. Just make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and choose the appropriate strength for your project.

Temperature Range

Some foam tapes are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for use in harsh environments. Others may only be effective in moderate temperatures. Make sure to read the product specifications and understand the recommended temperature range before making your selection. If you’re unsure about temperature requirements for your project, consult the manufacturer or a professional in the field for advice.

Size and Cutting Options

Foam tape is available in various sizes and with different cutting options to suit your needs. Generally, you’ll find foam tape rolls in widths ranging from ½ inch to 4 inches. Some products may have perforations or pre-scored lines to help you cut the tape precisely. If precision cutting is important for your project, look for foam tape with clear indication on its size and cutting options. Additionally, consider the length of the roll or the number of pads to ensure you have enough product to complete your task.


What are the benefits of using foam tape for soundproofing?

Foam tape offers several advantages when it comes to soundproofing. Firstly, it forms a tight seal around windows, doors, and other gaps, effectively reducing noise transmission. Secondly, its flexibility allows it to adapt to a variety of surface types, ensuring a proper seal regardless of the irregularities of the surfaces it’s attached to. Lastly, foam tape can be easily applied and removed without leaving any residue, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

In addition, foam tape is known for its ability to withstand temperature changes and humidity, making it a suitable choice for various environments. Its low-cost and easy installation also make it a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers and DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable soundproofing solution.

What are the differences between foam tapes and other soundproofing materials?

Foam tape is distinct from other soundproofing materials due to its ease of application and flexibility. Unlike soundproofing panels or curtains, foam tape does not require professional installation and can easily be adjusted to accommodate various surfaces. This makes it an ideal option for those seeking a convenient and DIY approach to soundproofing.

Additionally, foam tape is less expensive compared to other soundproofing solutions like panels, and it doesn’t take up much space. While other soundproofing materials may provide better performance, foam tape offers a balance of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and adequate soundproofing capabilities for many consumers.

How long does foam tape typically last?

The lifespan of foam tape depends on various factors, such as the quality of the product, the conditions it’s exposed to, and the severity of noise levels around it. On average, high-quality foam tapes can last up to 10 years with regular use in a typical domestic environment. However, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can reduce its lifespan. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage and usage to ensure the foam tape’s longevity.

In terms of noise reduction, foam tape’s performance can gradually diminish over time as it loses its initial adhesion and sealant properties due to weathering, wear, and tear. Therefore, it’s advisable to periodically inspect the foam tape and replace or reapply it as needed to maintain an effective soundproofing solution.

Can foam tape be used for both interior and exterior soundproofing purposes?

Yes, foam tape can be used for both interior and exterior soundproofing applications. On the interior, foam tape is commonly applied around windows, doors, and gaps in walls to prevent sound transmission. Its flexibility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for DIY soundproofing tasks in residential settings.

For exterior soundproofing, foam tape can be used to seal gaps and openings in walls and foundations, as well as in the joints between pavement and building structures. In such cases, it is recommended to use high-quality, weather-resistant foam tape to ensure durability and effectiveness under harsh outdoor conditions. However, it’s important to note that external soundproofing can be more challenging than interior soundproofing, as it may also involve dealing with environmental factors like wind, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

How often should I replace or reapply foam tape for optimal soundproofing?

The frequency of foam tape replacement or reapplication depends on various factors, such as the tape’s durability, exposure to harsh environmental conditions, wear and tear, and the level of noise reduction needed. In general, foam tape can effectively reduce noise for 6–12 months, with some products lasting up to 3–5 years before requiring replacement or reapplication.

It’s essential to periodically inspect the foam tape for signs of wear, loose seals, or gaping, and replace or reapply it as needed to maintain its effectiveness. Regular maintenance will help ensure that your soundproofing solution continues to function optimally, reducing noise transmission while maximizing your comfort and privacy.

Is foam tape an environmentally friendly soundproofing solution?

Foam tape is considered an eco-friendly soundproofing solution due to its low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content and ease of removal. Unlike traditional soundproofing materials like fiberglass or mineral wool insulation, foam tape does not contain hazardous chemicals, making it safer for handling and disposal.

Additionally, foam tape does not produce any significant waste, as it can be easily cut to size and applied without generating leftover materials. Once the project is completed or the tape needs to be removed, it can be easily peeled off the surface without causing lasting damage. This makes foam tape a sustainable option for consumers seeking environmentally friendly soundproofing solutions.

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